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 About Us


Welcome to the Musicotopia store. We are a music publishing company, founded in 2007 and currently based in London, UK. Originally, I set up Musicotopia to provide a business framework for the self-publication of music and recordings commissioned for film, TV and theatre. Over the next year through to March 2014, I’m embarking on a series of creative projects to ‘road-test’ my ideas on using internet resources to market and distribute original work. To build awareness of these projects, we’ll use Musicotopia to provide an interactive account of the creative journey, share original content and promote forthcoming performances and releases.

UK bands such as Radiohead and Marillion have pioneered the use of modern internet resources to engage fans and promote their music. Inspired by their example, I set out to publish my own music and recordings direct to new and existing fans via the web. The result is the site you see before you, with additional links and resources on Facebook and SoundCloud. Launched in February 2013, the current beta-test site is an informative learning process for Musicotopia, as we trial additional innovations to the basic service.

As we consolidate our Musicotopia business model, we aim to create an exciting new forum and market-place for musicians, composers and fans of great contemporary music of all kinds. The design of this platform will enable motivated and talented musicians, composers and music ensembles to expand the market for their own original works, recordings and other related activities - for example live concerts. Our goal is to build a strong interactive community offering a co-ordinated spectrum of services for the benefit of both artists and fans with a common interest in sharing an appreciation of exciting and original music.

For Fans
For Artists

• Listen to, view and download free, exclusive artist audio, images and video.
• To share your work and creative process with new and existing audiences.

• Buy CDs, digital downloads and music scores.
• Stay in contact with your audience by providing exclusive content to your fan base.

• Follow news, releases and live events featuring your favourite Musicotopia artists
• Promote, sell and distribute original works and recordings, including premium audio and sheet music downloads.

• Interact with other music fans.
• Co-ordinate the announcement of live gigs and performances with your fans.

• and provide a platform for artists to organise PR and publicity material.

Adrian Lee, March 2013

 Products & Services

Musicotopia is a specialist music publisher and label which provides a home for a community of talented artists offering a wide range of creative music products and services:

  • Digital music downloads and CD's..

  • Sheet music downloads.

  • Commissioned music for the theatre, film and AV industries.

  • Licensing of audio content, including library music tracks for AV productions and live events.

  • Licensing of sheet music for AV productions and live performance.

  • Creative arts facilitation, including community and social projects.

For further information about Musicotopia's products & services please get in touch by visiting our Contact page.


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